Parental Involvement

​All p​​arents are encouraged to become involved in the school activities either in the classroom or socially.

Teachers welcome assistance in such areas as reading, special parent expertise or preparation of work ​​materials. Children gain from having parents at the school whether in the tuckshop, in the library, on banking days, at assembly, at Sacred Time, at parent morning teas, at sporting events, at liturgies or in the classroom. It is expected that parents will be given guidance as to their specific roles in a classroom setting and will assist the learners under the supervision of a teacher.

Parents are invited​​​ to attend and join in where appropriate:-

  • Weekly Sacred Time in the church
  • P&F Sub-committees including:-
    • Social group
    • Sports committee
    • Environment group
    • Finance committee
    • Fete organisation
    • Craft group
    • Publicity & Promotions
    • Tuckshop advisory committee
  • Voluntary classroom helpers assist with Reading and craft; Prep volunteers; Tuckshop and Uniform Shop.
  • School Pastoral Board

Parent Information Night

A night is set aside early in the year to allow teachers to inform parents of classroom programming; management of the curriculum; homework expectations and parent assistance both at school and at home.

Working Bees​​​

Periodically parents are asked to become involved in working bees for specific tasks. It is hoped that each family is represented at such activities during a year or that it supports the working bee with resources or financially. Among other things it is seen as a valuable social activity and is community building.