Fee Information

St Pius V Primary School aims to provide a quality education to all students and for this to be achieved, fees and levie​​s are charged.  It is an expectation that all families who enrol at the school will invest financially in the education of their student. Our sch​ool bases its fees on the minimum recommended by Brisbane Catholic Education. We are aware that from time to time some parents find themselves in financial difficulties. With this in mind, our aim is that no student will be denied a place in our school due to parents’ genuine inability to pay full or even part fees.

Fees and Levies collected​ at St Pius V School are used for the following purposes which are aligned to the Vision and Mission of the School:

  • Provide Teaching, Administrative, Classroom Support and Facilities staff
  • Provide essential resources, materials, activities, facilities and equipment
  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities
  • Provide new buildings and grounds enhancements