​​​St Pius is a parish school with staff employed by the Brisbane Catholic Education office through the Principal as its representative. The school is fortunate to have a dedicated staff willing to provide the best possible opportunities for the children in their care. Each year, the principal in consultation with the parish, school and Brisbane Catholic Education reviews the staffing needs of the school in relation to enrolments and curriculum needs. We have a part-time music specialist, physical education specialist, Art specialist  and Languages Other Than English (Japanese) specialist. Music, Art and Physical Education is offered from Prep to Year 6 and Japanese to all classes in Years 4-6.​​

Relief Teach​​ers

At varying times in th​​e year teaching staff may be absent for short periods of time due to illness, attendance at seminars, planning etc. The principal will provide a suitable replacement teacher from a list of qualified teachers provided by Brisbane Catholic Education for those occasions. Interviews may be conducted for longer term replacements such as long service leave.