Enrolment Application and Policy

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please complete your enrolment application for St Pius V Primary School via the link below.

Once we have received the Application, including the supporting documentation and the Application fee, we will process the​​​​ application. 

Prep interviews will be conducted around March the year before the child is due to start Prep.  ​​

All other interviews will be conducted as required.

Children enrolling at St Pius Primary School are to meet the necessary age requirements for entry for each year Level:

  • Preparatory: children must turn four by 30 June the year prior to commencing Prep.
  • Years 1-6: children will be placed in age appropriate classes.
 ​​​​Enrolment Policy August 2018.pdf

Enrolment at St Pius Primary School is in accordance with our Enrolment Policy and at the discretion of the Principal.​​​​