St Pius V Instrumental Music Program

Today I am pleased to launch the St Pius V Instrumental program for 2020 and beyond. As most families are aware, over the past 16 years, JD’s instrumental, under the guidance of Mrs Joy Dawson have worked within the school providing instrumental tuition to many of our students. For this we are very grateful. As the program has grown from 4 students initially to now over 150 students learning a musical instrument, this year we have looked after the band component only. In 2020 and beyond the school will fully oversee the program which includes the band and tuition of drums, violin, piano and guitar. As our music program goes from strength to strength we aim to invest heavily into this area well into the future.

All families will receive an email with our Instrumental Program handbook attached. This outlines the full details of the program including costing, lessons, instruments available, eligible students etc. I ask that you please take the time to read through this information. Should your child wish to learn a musical instrument in 2020, please complete the expression of interest form and return no later than Friday September 20. Hard copies of this form are available in the office.

Should you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the office for further information.