P&F Fun Run

The P & F Fun Run is next Thursday afternoon and it is shaping up to be a lot of fun. As of last night, there were 175 students who had registered and have raised over $11,500. All money raised goes straight back into the school and we thank you for your participation and sponsorship. There is still plenty of time for sponsorship and the class that makes the most money will be rewarded with a movie and popcorn afternoon.

Along with the chocolates, this was one of the major P and F fundraisers for 2019. As always, the P and F are very generous and support our work in the school by contributing financially to many of our ideas. Next year our one major fundraiser will be the Spring Fair.

Part of the run includes a colour run. As the students leave the oval, they will, if they wish, be squirted with a coloured dye that is mixed with water. This dye is a combination of corn starch powder and food colouring. If you do not want your child squirted, they may opt to go the ‘Non-colour’ run. There will be one lane for ‘Colour’ and one for ‘No Colour’ 10 metres apart. Please email pbanyo@bne.catholic.edu.au to let the office know if you DO NOT wish for your child to participate in the dye so that we can monitor this on the day. These students in the 'non-colour' will wear a wrist band so that they are easily identifiable. A list of the dye contents can be viewed in the office.

The course includes some obstacles on the oval and in the Top Area. Teachers will run with their class and extra staff will also be stationed on each of these obstacles. At the finish line, students will be squirted with water and will go through a sprinkler. This means that they will be quite messy, therefore we propose students come to school in free dress on the day in old clothes, shoes and hat. Students will need to bring a plastic bag and a towel and a change of clothes should they be attending OSHC after school or if you wish for them to change before they get into the car. An alternative is for your child to wear a raincoat poncho; however we would prefer no school uniforms worn on the day.

Next Thursday all students will need:

  • To wear free dress old clothes (clothing, shoes and hat). A white shirt is preferable for the colour run
  • A towel

  • Plastic bag

  • Optional change of clothes

  • Water bottle

Please note that this is a device free day – please NO ipads or laptops to be brought to school next Thursday.

Once the children have completed their run, they will receive a Zooper Dooper. Again, if your child cannot have the Zooper Dooper, please email the office so that a list can be made and an alternative can be arranged. The children will then watch the other students or have the option to dance in a disco space under the Multi-purpose Hall. If you wish to sign out your child early, please go to the front office.

Lastly, there will a sausage sizzle/popper option for Second Break tuckshop for the day. Kelly in the tuckshop will communicate this in her section of the newsletter.

Please note that this Fun Run is for the children to run only, parents are asked to support and there is plenty of space on the oval along Railway Pde and in the Top Area and we encourage parents to cheer their children on. It will be a lot of fun and in the process we are helping the school to raise valuable funds.