Enjoying a Good Book

This year, we have been particularly focussed on improving pedagogy around ​comprehension of texts. We do this in many ways – modelled reading, shared reading, guided reading, the list goes on. However, we cannot overlook the importance of just reading and enjoying a good book!
If the homework battle is sometimes lost at home, encouraging your children to read is  paramount. If you’re having difficulty finding an author or series to entertain and encourage your child to read, speak with your class teacher. Along with Yasmin, our librarian, they will be able to steer your child towards wonderful new texts. Alternatively, visiting the local library is a great way for children to engage with reading for enjoyment. 
If reading a book themselves is too tiring (which can be the case for our younger students!),
reading aloud to your child or taking turns when reading is just as beneficial.  When you read with your children they are hearing your tone, pace, fluency and expression. They can focus on comprehending the text rather than decoding the text. Not only this, but they get to enjoy a great story and some ‘down time’ with you!​