End of Year Events

Christmas Concert

This year our Christmas Concert will be held next Wednesday 2nd December. All children will be involved in this celebration and are busy learning songs, actions and other parts to make this a wonderful celebration for our community. All students are asked to wear Christmas clothing for the celebration. At this celebration 1 parent from each Prep family is invited to attend. The Concert will be filmed and then available to all parents to view via the Parent Portal.


End of Year Liturgy

This year we will celebrate our End of Year Liturgy on Friday 4th December at 11am in the MPH. As part of this Liturgy, we will be farewelling many families from our St Pius V School community. Each of these families will be recognised at the Liturgy and will receive a farewell blessing. One parent from each Year 6 family and 1 parent from any other family who is leaving are invited to attend this Liturgy. Please continue to advise the school office if your child/children will not be returning to St Pius V School next year.