Cyber Safety Parent Information Night

Next term we will be hosting a session on cyber safety for the Year 5 and 6 students in class and as well providing a parent session on Tuesday 16th July at 7pm in the Library (first Tuesday of the term). We have secured an excellent facilitator in Brett Lee of Internet Safe Education. Brett Lee is an ex-policeman and, along with his team, provides for parents, carers and those interested in the health, safety and well-being of children in an online environment the most credible, up to date resources available worldwide. Their simple yet powerful advice will have a positive impact on how your family lives within the digital world.

The experienced team delivers credible p​resentations that cover up-to-date internet safety issues. They will utilise real life stories, engaging videos and relatable photos to communicate important messages on internet safety. We cannot dismiss internet safety as not being relevant in our lives. As a parent of a teenager who has now finished school, I can guarantee that at some stage, somewhere and at some time, a cyber safety issue will come to the forefront of your attention, most particularly social media. Anyone with a child who works on an individual device is open to safety/wellbeing issues and in educating ourselves as parents and carers, we can provide a safe environment, as well as develop a set of skills and strategies on how to deal with issues when and as they arise. I strongly encourage you to find the time in your calendar to attend this important parent night. More information on Internet Safe Education can be found at